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Bereavement is a difficult time for anyone and people tend to experience their own grieving process in a unique way, though there are usually several commonplace emotions such as sadness, helplessness, anxiety, depression, etc. These emotions can become overwhelming and though for most people they do eventually subside, other may need some additional support to overcome their grief. Blue Cedar Lodge is experienced in helping patients overcome periods of bereavement, having previously worked with people from a variety of different backgrounds and circumstances. We adopt a Clients-focused approach, aiming to understand the unique characteristics of an individual’s grief in order to develop effective coping strategies.

Going through a period of bereavement can often feel lonely, but you do not have to face your issues alone. Our overall focus is to help patients return to their normal daily life through insightful counselling sessions and carefully crafted treatment plans.

Common Bereavement Related Issues

  • Low Energy & Loss Of Interest In Activities That Used To Interest You

  • Trouble Sleeping Or Constant Tiredness

  • Poor Concentration & Forgetfulness

  • Loss Of Appetite Or Compulsive Eating

  • A "Frozen" Inability To Cry Or A Tendency To Burst Into Tears

  • Nausea And/Or Diarrhoea

  • Headaches And Unexplained Body Pains

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