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Relationship Counselling

Difficulties in a relationship are common and it can often feel like there is no way forward, no matter how far you may have come together. At Blue Cedar Lodge we are specialists in relationship counselling (or couples therapy) and have helped numerous couples overcome their difficulties and, ultimately, go on to lead happy lives together. We generally work with couples together, but treatment can also incorporate individual sessions, depending on the circumstances.

At Blue Cedar Lodge we work with couples in relationships of all stages, including those who are currently going through a separation. We also work with same-sex couples, couples with or without children, etc. Through support and understanding, we aim to help couples overcome their issues.

How Can Relationship Counselling Help?

Through the help and support of our experienced relationship counsellor, Sean Hickey, couples can get to the root cause of the issues they are experiencing and, ultimately, attempt to work towards a solution. Depending on the couples’ unique circumstances, a number of different techniques will be utilised to help reach a point of understanding and reconciliation.

Relationship issues can arise for any couple, though it is often the case that with some greater insight and understanding these problems can be overcome. Our relationship counselling is delivered in a confidential and safe environment.

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